5 Great Benefits of Garden Mulch

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Garden mulch has and always will be an integral part of any garden.  The reasons being are that is has a wide range of benefits to your garden and it’s extremely cost-effective.  Firstly, before going out to buy a half-tonne of garden mulch, you should first familiarise yourself with its benefits.  In this article, our aim is to cover 5 great benefits of garden mulch.  This should hopefully give you some more clarity and direction when it comes to looking after your garden.

Benefits of Garden Mulch

Ability to Retain Moisture in the Soil

Retaining moisture in the soil is particularly important in warmer environments as it prevents your plants from drying out too quickly.  Furthermore, it makes the soil a much more pleasant environment for new plants trying to grow.

Contributes to Improving Soil Health

As the garden mulch begins to break down over time, it will release certain nutrients into the soil.  These nutrients are a great way to create a healthy soil mixture.  Many people that have issues with soil fertility will turn to mulch to help improve it.

Reduce Winter Injury

During the cooler winter months, many plants can suffer from winter injury.  A common issue is ‘frost-heaving’.  This happens from the plants being pushed up out of the ground due to the natural cooling of the soil which causes expansion and contraction.

Assists with Weed Control

By applying a good amount of mulch to your garden, it can also help to reduce the number of weeds that occur. Besides being completely unsightly in any garden, weeds are infamous for stealing resources from nearby garden plants.

Acts as a Natural Soil Temperature Stabiliser

Soil can undergo many temperature fluctuations.  This is particularly common throughout turbulent-weather periods such as autumn and spring.  By applying mulch to the garden, it will assist in regulating the soil temperature in order to avoid having large fluctuations.

Ok, so now that you’re familiar with the benefits of garden mulch, it’s time to get some for your own garden!  A good place to start from would be your local arborist.  Try reaching out and seeing if they sell mulch.  Local arborists generally provide a good source of mulch as they’re constantly producing it during their daily routine.

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