Melbourne Storm Damage Clean Up – Don’t be left stranded

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During the last couple of weeks, Melbourne has again been hit by some serious weather.  As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of trees and branches falling in areas where they shouldn’t.  Homes, parks, roads and power lines have all felt the effects of harsh weather conditions and strong winds.  As the weather begins to turn, it’s important to have a dedicated storm damage clean up team to help with the aftermath.

Melbourne Storm Damage Clean Up – Why’s it necessary?

At StumpBoy Melbourne, we provide professional storm damage clean up services to businesses and residents all throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.  Our ground crew and team of qualified arborists will approach each job with a unique level of professionalism and expertise.  When a property has been affected by a storm, it’s crucial that you approach it with care.  For trees affected by strong winds that haven’t yet lost their branches, it’s important not to get too close until a closer safety inspection has been made. Although it’s dangerous to be around trees during a storm, many people forget that even after a storm has happened that the tree could still pose a threat.

Melbourne Storm Damage Clean Up – Process

Regardless if we’re entering a park, public street or private property, our approach to storm damage clean up will always be the same.  We first need to enter the location with care and the appropriate safety equipment.  If any trees remain standing, we’ll then need to assess the state of them as well as the branches.  If we feel as though the trees or branches can still pose a threat, we’ll first remove them before continuing.  Once all the safety checks have been made we’ll then go about removing all the fallen debris.  Depending on the size of the job, this part of the process could vary in time.  As for the disposal of the branches, we’re able to feed them through our chipper for future repurposing.

More Information?

To know more about StumpBoy Melbourne’s approach to storm damage clean up, please feel free to get in contact today.  You may call us on 0429 930 529, or leave us an enquiry HERE. If you’ve been affected by a storm, then we can also provide you with a free, fast and affordable quote.

Just remember, it’s always best to have the professionals come out first and assess your property. Even though your yard may look safe, some of the branches could be severely damaged.  Maybe they won’t fall straight away, but in time the risk will increase.